Monday, June 13, 2011

what to get the girl who's not girly?

This question refers to a very specific dilemma. Self proclaimed non-girly girl, I am not into excessive accessorizing. Some people can pull it off with so much pazazz, all the power to them, I just plain cannot. I faithfully abide to Mlle Coco's advice of taking one thing off before you head out the door - maybe not right at the door as I will end up needing a closet right by the door. Sometimes the slightly incomplete, tad off kilter look is magic. It is for that reason I love Alex Chung. Every one of her outfit is slightly off, in all the right ways, plus she is the quintessential tomboy (in my humble opinion).

Back to the topic - the accessory for the not so girly girl. The category of accessory constitutes mainly of bags, belts, scarves, and jewelry (people may disagree), basically anything you throw on for extra pazazz (with jazz hands, please). As fond as I am of pazazz, I am still much too functional a person to just throw it on for nothing else but pazazz. Bags must be functional, i.e. hold sh*t. I don't understand some of the puny contraptions girls call bags. You put in your keys and it's already bursting at the seams. Plus in the state of inebriation, small is just not practical (you need something large, possibly glowy, that makes sounds). They are the equivalent of dogs the size of large rodents. They got all the things a dog needs to have, except the functionality of one - evidently some can't walk. Anyway, that's personal opinion, and another entry entirely. Belts must be functional, i.e. hold up your pants, scarves must be functional, i.e. keep that neck warm, jewelry must be... ok, you got me. But while no need to serve a particular function, they can't be in the way either, think jingle jangle bangles, how does anyone write with an armful of those, and more importantly how does one get her-, himself taken seriously with an armful of random noise every time she/he needs to jot down some serious notes?

What is the solution? For I don't often present problems without at least a semi satisfactory solution. This time the solution is definitely NOT semi satisfactory. Dear reader, welcome CFDA accessory designer of the year, Alexander Wang! Oh Alexander Wang, how I love thee! Where do I begin with the narrative of this love affair?! His line of goodies, including T and eponymous, have consistently hit the right spot for me. The right mix of tough and sexy, i.e. 90% toughness with 10% oops-I-don't-know-how-it-got-there sexy. I am so reluctant to go sexy most of the time you almost have to trick me into it. Mr. W's clothes are so innocent hanging, oversized and nonchalant, once you get them on, pazazz!!! Now his accessories! They are just delectable. Every time a bag comes out I have to suppress the urge to run to the store and touch it. The choice of material, the hardware, the packaging, and the hefty weight - this man understands a modern girl and her needs: leather and canvas are durable - do you know how much us urban nomads have to lug around all day? oversized zippers, tabs, and reinforced edges - we don't just sit pretty with our purses on our laps, nice safe weight - those hardware double as weapons at night, totally necessary! I can't say much for the shoes as I am a flats girl, but they call out to my high heel loving 5%. In short, Mr. W is completely deserving of an award, and a perfect solution for the dilemma of accessorizing a not so girly girl.

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