Saturday, April 12, 2014

all eyes on me

Recently I have become obsessed with eyes. Evil eye, watchful eye have religious/cultural significance for certain people. Ever since my mother brought back an evil eye necklace from Istanbul I have become interested in its protective property. Now my obsession with jewelry has extended to accessories and decor.

Does this offer protection from peeping toms?

How about a giant eye watching you enter the house every day?

Keeping watch at the window...

Finally, if all the eyes creep you out the way they used to me, how about these oogly ones?

I had to slip this in, but how cool is a dress with eyes all over? Perv watch?

Friday, April 4, 2014

clean slate

A clean bedroom and closet is essential to peaceful rest and waking up refreshed and ready for inspiration. I love a monotone bedroom, especially white. These pictures are just pure utopia!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

boy/girl- still addicted

Perhaps due to the imminent event in my life, I am still hung up on the sex-specific dressing code. I was brought up with complete disrespect for it thanks to my parents' polar opposite preferences. Now a grownup I often find myself doing the yin/yang - a flowy blouse with a structured blazer cut long, tailcoat with heels, etc. My mother used to warn me against the balancing act as I might be mistaken for playing for the other team, or a different game all together. But men's clothes are tailored better, cut more precisely, and in general better quality. Adding one thing distinctly womanly usually more than does the trick to reassure any passerby of my gender. 

Recently I am noticing general enthusiasm from younger and main stream for this game. Here are some mighty contenders.

Monday, March 24, 2014

boy… girl...

Tomboys are no news. Street style shots constantly feature la garconne, who despite the short hair and sneakers still manage to exude feminine charm. I confess the first reason I fell in love with Rei Kawakubo is the name of her brand - comme des garçon! Quelle chic! JCrew is not know for their fashion forward style, but Jenna Lyons is the perfect embodiment of la garconne. Under her style guidance, JCrew is getting the boy girl look down pat. Here are what I would like to rock come summer.

Friday, March 21, 2014

fat stacks

Despite my recent liking of stacking delicate jewelry, I am not much of bangle, bracelet, cuff layering gal. But all these candies from MBMJ are making me want to give it a go. So before doing damage on my wallet, here's a visual, of course in keeping with my black and white preference.

pattern play

So quintessentially French, the understated pattern variations, the all black, and the cool shades!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

when it's done right

Logo flaunting was a thing of the 90s, when conspicuous consumption was met with less judgment. Thankfully time has worn away that tiresome visual pollution. Recently, however, it's on a mission for a comeback, cue Kenzo sweatshirts. The emergent trend is a little more subtle, however, and often without a specific logo. They nonetheless showoff an insider status - think yummy spongy Balenciaga Starwars sweatshirts editors and eager bloggers wore during fashion week and all the knockoffs from high street shops.

The most abused logo has got to be LV, Burberry used to be a worthy contender. I constantly associate it with tacky fakes and Chinatown shops, such misfortune and irony, since the logo was specifically designed to prevent counterfeits. Occasionally one spots an oldie but a goodie, and breaths a sigh of relief - it is still classy. Sofia Coppola has been featured on multiple campaigns and I must say her not so generic features do bring a certain sophistication back to the label.

When it's done right…