Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I am skeptical of new year’s resolutions as they usually fizzle out by February. A blog post I came across inspired me to write them again. (

Instead of listing out specific goals such as work out x times a week I decided to focus on consumption. In the coming year, I aim to consume with balance.

Consume less. That is an obvious one. In the land of plenty, we have plenty of everything except happiness. By consuming less I hope to appreciate what I have more and derive more happiness from the state of being, instead of having. I believe I am a minimalist at heart. I stray because I am tempted by advertisements, blogs, other people, etc. Eventually I become slave to my belongings. And the pleasure I envisioned I would get from them diminished. This year I will try to consume less; not just material things. Intangible things can impact mental health just as much. Social media (admit it, you feel worse about yourself after a harmless browse session on FB or Instagram), mindless entertainment and negative relationships can drain our energy and confidence.

Consume more. Less obvious, as consumption is usually fraught with negative connotations. I plan to have more family time, read more, strengthen friendships, and enjoy nature more. In general devote more time and effort to having experiences and journeys.

Focus on being, not having. What is your new year’s resolution?

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