Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Charlotte Gainsbourg is one of my favorite actresses. She brings an effortless credibility to all her characters. It is as if they have been living and breathing since forever and the film is just a glimpse, a cross sectional of their existence. I am a fan of Charlotte herself. She is an incredibly real individual who exudes intelligence, wisdom, mystique and sex appeal. Out of public scrutiny, her wardrobe is always simple and sophisticated. On screen or red carpet, her fashion choices are daring yet always appropriate. Recently she has garnered much attention for her appearance at Cannes.

I believe she is the only woman who can rock that look. Low cut and sheerness did not detract from her magnificent appearance a single bit, the dress is perfect in its juxtaposition of transparency and solid, matte and sheen. Accessorized with flowing hair and nonchalant makeup, this look is so refreshing. Charlotte makes pregnancy and motherhood sexy and divine!

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