Tuesday, June 21, 2011

le grand bleu

The summer heat is on full blast! My already color restricted wardrobe is reduced to white. Unless I want to look like I wear bedsheet all day every day, I have to come up with a solution. In order to understand you need a little lesson on color theory from me - not because I command a superior understanding on the subject, merely because it explains my peculiarity.

OK, when I was younger I ate m&m's. Only the brown ones. Why one might ask? Because it is the only natural color a chocolate should take! I had a hard time swallowing anything that doesn't come in its normal colors. I always shared my bag with my best friend, who needlessly to say got the longer end of the stick. Eventually I realized it too, and expanded the color fit to consume to include yellow. Why one might ask? Because it is the next gradation from brown, of course!

I no longer eat these magical pebbles, but the color theory evolved from its consumption stuck with me. So blue has been officially part of the wardrobe. Why might one ask? Because black washes out to grey, and grey can have blue tinge, which can wash out to white. But of course! And it's the color of the water, sea, blue sky in Bora Bora... So here I am, sitting in sweltering heat and finding a cool breeze on the internets. (photos from self, the coveteur, jak&jil blog, the sartorialist, garance dore, style bubble, design sponge, style-files)

This would be a great place to hang out.

And a great wardrobe to go with it.

And some outdoor space for a siesta.

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