Monday, June 20, 2011

comme les garcons - uniform

I fell in love with comme des garcons simply because its name. I am still a fan, though for different and more logical reasons. "Like the boys" - exactly how my father dressed me growing up. [My mother's styling was entirely different. So much so one can look at my outfit in any picture and accurately point out my stylist.] I have pictures of myself at 6, wearing polo, jeans, and vans (oh I detested those vans). Even my mary janes had a spectator/oxford twist to them. I envied other girls in lace princess dresses and normal patent leather mary janes. Alas, I had loafers too. Despite the growing pains, the adult me likes how I was dressed. That predilection toward androgyny and masculinity has become a habit. I am hopelessly addicted to men's shirting, blazers, and oxford. There is something charming about ambiguity. I am not a fan of phallic interpretation of sexy, i.e. body constricting, cleavage revealing, leg baring garments. The suggestion of fertility and fecundity is very pre-historic. A slightly concealed or misrepresented femininity on the other hand intrigues the observer far more. In the blogosphere I found kindred spirits. (photos from the sartorialist, jak and jil, carolines mode)

YSL le smoking, who can forget the original

Alexa Chung looks dapper in this getup. I love the satin lapel and ribbon.

ADR rarely appears in anything monochromatic. This is easily my favorite of all her shots.

This lady just oozes sexy. Love the leather pant sand Louboutins.

Garance, oxfords + je ne sais quoi = parfait

You don't need the blazer. A white button down will do just fine.

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