Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Color Purple

Much of my childhood was spent wearing color palettes concocted by my mother. She is quite talented judging from photos. I am always wearing some daring color combo that normally sends chills down my spine (not in a good way). Perhaps due to the color overdose rooted deep in my memory, I firmly believe I am not a color person. One look in my closet will convince you of that. But I love colors: on paintings, in home decor, on other people. In fact, the bolder the better. I have always admired those color maximalists. Wearing them on my body, on the other hand, seems quite a daunting task, especially during those precious 10 minutes every morning.

The winter break allowed me plenty of time to peruse at my leisure. One click to Marc Jacobs SS2011 left me pining for something plum, purple. In the spirit of new year, new attitude, I have decided to sprinkle my wardrobe with a bit of color.

Purple used to be my favorite color. I carried a purple backpack that endured many years of abuse. So perhaps I will trust my childhood gut and give purple another shot? Here's what I found, another bag, a grown up version.

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