Wednesday, April 2, 2014

boy/girl- still addicted

Perhaps due to the imminent event in my life, I am still hung up on the sex-specific dressing code. I was brought up with complete disrespect for it thanks to my parents' polar opposite preferences. Now a grownup I often find myself doing the yin/yang - a flowy blouse with a structured blazer cut long, tailcoat with heels, etc. My mother used to warn me against the balancing act as I might be mistaken for playing for the other team, or a different game all together. But men's clothes are tailored better, cut more precisely, and in general better quality. Adding one thing distinctly womanly usually more than does the trick to reassure any passerby of my gender. 

Recently I am noticing general enthusiasm from younger and main stream for this game. Here are some mighty contenders.

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