Wednesday, March 12, 2014

when it's done right

Logo flaunting was a thing of the 90s, when conspicuous consumption was met with less judgment. Thankfully time has worn away that tiresome visual pollution. Recently, however, it's on a mission for a comeback, cue Kenzo sweatshirts. The emergent trend is a little more subtle, however, and often without a specific logo. They nonetheless showoff an insider status - think yummy spongy Balenciaga Starwars sweatshirts editors and eager bloggers wore during fashion week and all the knockoffs from high street shops.

The most abused logo has got to be LV, Burberry used to be a worthy contender. I constantly associate it with tacky fakes and Chinatown shops, such misfortune and irony, since the logo was specifically designed to prevent counterfeits. Occasionally one spots an oldie but a goodie, and breaths a sigh of relief - it is still classy. Sofia Coppola has been featured on multiple campaigns and I must say her not so generic features do bring a certain sophistication back to the label.

When it's done right…

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