Wednesday, February 5, 2014

slip on

Since my ancient post on formal-casual chimera, aka, sneakers paired with fashion apparel, I detected another type of footwear slipping into street style shots and even fashion campaigns. Slip on sneakers - slightly more fashion-y cousins of sneakers - are now almost ubiquitous on fashion blogs. Have the bloggers finally discovered the joy of walking on flat and stable ground or have they suddenly become health conscious?

I owe less than a handful of heels, of any height - never liked the feeling of walking on a self imposed slope. I appreciate a fancy pair of stiletto as much as the next girly girl but I would never jeopardize my dignity by walking the streets in them. My preference for flat shoes may have something to do with my father dressing me as unisex as possible in my distant childhood. One day he gave me a pair of vans-like slip ons. To rid myself of them, I conjured a genius idea of running them through mud and covering every inch of their original blue color with mud. Much to my dismay, they showed up clean as new the next morning with my father grinning  while watching me slip back into them. Despite the slightly traumatizing memory of being outsmarted by my father I am partial to the comfort and versatility of slip ons. Together with my converse and nike, they form the holy trinity in my collection. Here are some street shots of more stylish people wearing them.

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