Saturday, June 15, 2013

size matters

First it was big, big, and bigger. Now it is mini, nano, and to the point of challenging common sense. Hand bags, women's security blanket, have come full circle. I started with downsizing a few years ago after a near injury carrying a certain Alexander Wang number. It was a marvelous beast, thick skin, metallic studs, and weighed a ton - it was a rhino of a bag. Nothing hits you the way reality does, after dealing with the pain for a few days I finally gave up on the bag. My downsizing was surprisingly smooth, and with almost no anxiety. I thought I was going to feel naked, but my clothes did a pretty decent job on their own. Today I am proud to say if needed, I can ditch the whole entity all together and walk around free - like a man! I've always admired and envied men's minimalist approach. Everything goes into pockets. This also explains the increase in the number of cargo-like pants in the closet - yes I went there. While it is nice to be free of straps and buckles, I occasionally miss the added touch of a good bag. Here are some I am beginning to contemplate. They look like - dare I say it - fanny packs' more stylish cousins. There, I just crossed the boundaries of two forbidden territories of a fashionista: fanny pack and cargo pants. But the truth is these pouches strapped on a belt are very useful and appealing. I am particularly fond of the B-low version. Imagine attending a BBQ or visiting a museum. If you are a real dare devil, try going to the night club - maybe a neon version will do!

option 1
option 2
option 3

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