Friday, June 28, 2013

girl crush and other thoughts...

Just came across this blog instantly fell in love with the atmosphere and her style. Prints and patterns are free of any banality. Even the dainty jewelry, which I usually shy away from are appealing. Heck, I want to wear them all.

This brings me to an experience I had yesterday while pawing Anthropologie's sale racks. I discovered a cute - no other words but cute - polka dot dress made of juicy tangerine mesh material. The pintucks and grosgrain on such an unusual material immediately drew me to it. I carried it with me around the store for about an hour. While under its influence I also decided to try on a embroidered polka dot blouse. Trying on the garments took no time at all; but I sat in the changing room for a good 20 minutes. In a stroke of genius I called my mother, after which I decided to walk out the store sans polka dots. As soon as I walked out I felt like I shook some spell free. Of course the polka dots didn't cast a spell on me. My reason for not buying either item is purely logical. I have in the past succumbed to these beautiful, whimsical designs only to find the items sitting in the closet unworn and forgotten. On any given day I am in some form of denim and shirt combination, so to deviate from a comfortable uniform requires additional thoughts on shoes, accessories, etc. I couldn't risk inserting a square peg into my finally relatively well "rounded" wardrobe.

Have you experienced instances where you felt absolutely necessary to shake up your usual wardrobe by buying something completely different? What have you done with it afterwards? It has become so hot lately I am incapable of having any complex and deep thoughts.

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