Saturday, July 7, 2012

savage love

The urge and endeavor to decorate oneself is possibly as old as the painting in Lascaux. Our pursuit of beauty - however variant in its definition - is instinctual. I often ask myself this question: "what is beautiful to me?" I am perplexed by the lack of a permanent definition because what makes my heart skip changes with time. These pieces are currently tickle my fancy. The best kind of jewelry (or any creation) tells a story. At the slightest provocation and tease, my imagination runs wild... The texture on this piece is amazing. Each "boomerang" has the appearance of rock.
Smooth and round organic shapes reminds me of ancient ritualistic symbols - something a tribal warrior or his queen would wear at a sacrificial ceremony.
Enchanted beads for good fortune worn by the respected elderly... Each strand commemorates a significant event.
Lovers' promise strung on silk?
A child playing with stones from outer space?
Wrist protector an Aztec warrior princess puts on before she wields her weapon on the battlefield.

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