Tuesday, July 24, 2012

art is everywhere

If you choose to see, art can be found everywhere. If I ever doubted this, two documentaries can be counted on to reassure me of this belief.

1. A man named Pearl This documentary made me laugh and cry - seems to be the only reaction I am capable of having when I see inspirational work. Pearl works at a factory that makes beverage cans. He works 12 hour shifts for four days a week. The rest of his time is dedicated to nurturing his 3-acre topiary heaven. He has no training in topiary. He finds plants from discarded nursery plants and nurtures them into blossoming greenery and trims them into breath-taking visions. What touches me deeply is the raw energy of this man. His determination and his courage to take a stab at something new.

I am obsessed with his darned denim.

2. Kings of pastry
The French are know for their pastries. This documentary is an account of several men's journey to win the title master pastry maker - a highly coveted and respected honor. Again one realizes accomplishment is nothing but determination and back breaking work - dirty work. My heart went out to every chef and cheered for the winner.

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