Thursday, February 9, 2012

i heart mannish

I enjoy observing well dressed people - it gives me pleasure to comb through an outfit and deconstruct the thinking behind each deliberate gesture. Of course the more nonchalant the gesture the better - a cuffed pant, a pin, a propped up lapel gives away tiny hints of personality, a sartorial DNA of sort.

Observe the nonchalance, yet he has obviously thought about what's on his body.

Women over think, over dress, and over-accesorize - all too eager to prove they are in the know in the wild wild west of fashion (where there are no rules). Thanks to nonsenses like fashion magazines dictating what's "in" most women's closet end up like a badly put together time capsule. Men don't give much thought to outfits. So it is especially precious when I see a well dressed man with just a hint of narcissism - the kind that makes one put more effort into presenting oneself. Looking through pictures of Tokyo fashion week (Men) made me green (wait, is green "in"?) with envy. Why are men's clothing so much more nubbly, comfortable, and wearer-oriented? Yes women brought it upon themselves them second they chose heels over flats but these days some women are painful to watch, let alone be. I am beginning to wander into men's stores these days, touching the cashmere sweaters that have thicker yarns, looser shoulder, and longer length, examining the corduroy pants that have thicker but softer texture (what is up with all the wimpy flimsy corduroy ones sold to women?). Pants are at waistline, looser at the hip, and still keep a well proportioned break at the ankle. Imagine wearing these with a flannel shirt and grandpa sweater. Throw on a sharp coat you'd be the envy of every woman in heels and too-too-tight skirts.

This girl here's obvious got it right - straight and lean legs, warm sweater, and a sharp coat - me want!

(sartorialist, stockholmestreetstyle)

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