Sunday, January 22, 2012

another year... none the wiser?

A bit of a pessimistic title perhaps? I have been making new year's resolutions for as long as I can remember, but I have never been able to see them through. And now that I have reached a healthy age for cynicism I will declare making checklist smells a little too much like self help - which is still the ONLY genre of books I won't make space on my bookshelf for.

Anyhoo, old habits die hard so here I am again, making the big ol' list except the items are more specific and easier to accomplish than my grandiose usuals ("becoming a better person" included, LOL).

1. downsizing
The closet. While most of my clothing gets decent usage some can definitely be cleared off the clothing rack. If I haven't worn something for 1 year and haven't missed it, it could probably go. In addition to applying this criterium, I also promise myself to only buy multi-purpose items. But don't get too excited you won't see me wearing any swiss army knife equivalent of clothing just yet.

2. simplify
All possessions and routines. Life is complicated enough as is, while make it more so with unnecessary necessities? Actually this point I can half check off. Thanks to male role models in my life, I am beginning to take to the idea of economizing bag space. I used to be a firm believer in carrying everything but the kitchen sink at all times with me - there is definitely some deep rooted psychosis there. After rifling through my big ass wallet I was shocked that I used only 30% of items on a daily basis. Imagine the statistic for my actual bag! The closet is a rosier picture. I am minimalist with occasional schizophrenic reversion tendency. This year I will work on suppressing that tendency and come up with a uniform I can stick to with more loyalty.

3. one step at a time
With everything. I tend to think three four steps ahead and spot potential obstacles and get discouraged with any endeavor, thanks to the pessimist in me: anything short of perfect is sh!t. So this is the year to change that attitude. Perfection will not get in the way of being the best I can, even if god forbid, best isn't perfect.

4. stay on track
I often lose focus. I get distracted easily by life's many offerings. This year I vow to make fewer goals and carry each to completion.

I have had over a decade experience with making lists, so before I fall back on that nasty habit I shall stop.

Happy New Year!

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