Thursday, September 29, 2011

signe chanel

A documentary featuring Chanel and its SS2005 Couture collection was recommended to me. I was completely absorbed after the first few minutes that I devoured the entire mini series (5 episodes) in one sitting. Yes, it is that good.

Chanel is associated with luxury and elegance. Every season Lagerfeld redefines the definition of decadence - one-upping himself with creations that supposedly present themselves in his dreams. Couture is what fashion is about - pursuing almost intangible and unrealistic beauty. The show follows the development of the collection from sketches to garments. What I enjoyed most is its emphasis on the people that made fantasy reality - the artists behind the beading, the tassels, the corsets, etc. The sketches may be beautiful but would never be what they are without the unglamorous, back breaking hard work. In an industry that typically chooses to ignore hard work and heart break and misconstrues the reality with images of excessive partying and glamor, this documentary offers a rare honest glimpse into the business. The documentary truly did those artists justice. Of course what would an entertaining film without some irreverent French humor? I laughed and cried a little and ultimately cheered for the finale.

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