Saturday, July 9, 2011


Lately I have been doing some reading on Buddhism and related beliefs. Buddhism seems more of a philosophy than a prescription, all the more agreeable - never been a fan of being accused of sinning the moment I drew my first breath. Everything is relevant to fashion, religion is no exception. Fashion is all about creating beautiful fantasy. I love frou frou and opulence. Givenchy, Lanvin have made exquisite creations. Yet I have a hard time holding onto the initial fascination for their beauty. Invariably I tire of the perfection. Like someone perpetually fed on foie gras and pastries, I yearn for simplicity from bread and water. Minimalist, even austere pieces have a lot more staying power. I admire the appreciation for nature and its forces, constructive and destructive. I can never get enough of subtleties like a frayed edge, an inside out seam, or a contrasting thread. The Buddhist ideal says that nothingness is potential. Designs that show restraint are far more fascinating. Similarly imperfection, impermanence, and the incomplete pique one's imagination of what it could be. A little research on Japanese aesthetics showed me words I never knew existed and immediately explained my passion for certain Japanese designers.

transient and stark beauty

the beauty of natural patina and aging

simple unobtrusive subtle beauty

Of course my love for monkish esthetics extend to interior decor. This room is perfect for quiet contemplation. (desire to inspire)

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