Thursday, January 27, 2011

girly girl

For the most part I don't consider myself a girly girl. As a child I owned more pairs of sneakers/loafers than mary janes, more pairs of pants than lace dresses, and I spent half of the year with short hair - the other half I sported a bob that was spared because it kept my head warm. As an adult, comfort is still the top priority on my shoe buying list AND I've worn every single pair I own.

Every once in a while I wake up disliking my entire wardrobe and wanting a white lace top or a poofy skirt with pom poms on the edge, or something equivalent in impracticality. It's my dormant girly girl awakening from a lazy slumber. I did indulge her a few times by taking her instead of my brain shopping and ended up with a few things I am not proud of. They have since left my closet so my bf doesn't have the pleasure of mocking me or suspect schizophrenia. Even though this girly girl only pops up in my wardrobe once in a blue moon, she has always been wide awake in my bathroom.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Have you ever bought something just because you like the color or packaging? Scrap the question mark and make this affirmative. OK, I am a fan of Dr. Bronner's bar soap, and soap in general. It leaves a cleaned feeling instead of the "moisturized" slimy layer. But I totally went crazy upon seeing these deliciously blue bottles. So crazy I bought two even though I have more than enough to wash a village. They bring the blueness out of one another, don't you think?

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E

Glitter, pink, floral. Nothing more says girly girl.

Natalia embodying the perfect girly girl.

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