Thursday, April 22, 2010

costume or fine?

First discussion on the blog: fine jewelry or costume jewelry?

(images from Garance Dore)

(image from Stockholm Street Style)

I have raided my mother's jewelry boxes numerous times and I have come to the conclusion that she and I are two completely different people when it comes to jewelry. She tends to wear one piece forever and most of her pieces are delicate and made of "the real stuff", as she likes to say. I gravitate toward the big and the chunky (obvious not the "real deal"). I don't like to play coy with jewelry. Every piece must confront the eye and grab all the attention the way red lips do. So it should be no surprise that I am a fan of Anna dello Russo. First of all, the woman can wear a gladiator suit and make it work. More importantly, what a collection of jewelry and accessories she has!!! I've always thought of clothes as the canvas on which to showcase accessories. It is both practical (no more "a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear" complaints) and economical (no worries of repeat pieces when you can change up the small stuff). Of course Anna's clothes are far from being canvas pieces and she doesn't believe in encores.

So dear readers, which one are you? Do you have a collection of fine pieces reserved for special occasions or do you rock your bling on a daily basis?

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