Thursday, April 22, 2010

the beginning

A short introduction...

I launched fool's gold after visiting the Cartier exhibition. The opulence and craftsmanship completely dazzled and intrigued me. I wanted to know about the people who designed them and their inspirations, people who breathed life into the designs, and most importantly people who wore them; oh how many magnificent gatherings, witty conversations, and romances these sparkling gems must have attended, heard, and witnessed! And how much envy, love, admiration, and euphoria they must have inspired. Was it a consolation prize from a guilty husband? Was it a declaration of undying passion from a lover burning with desire? Or perhaps it was the only possession of a ex-aristocrat after a revolution? It occurred to me that jewelry is the crystallization of history. It is art. And it is full of mystery.

Jewelry and accessories are an extension of one's personality. I am always looking for that special piece that says "me". I launched the blog in the hope to share my passion for jewelry and accessories, meet fellow aficionados, and get inspired. So here's to a great journey.

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